Congenital talipes equinovarus (clubfoot) is a complex deformity of the lower extremity and foot occurring once in every thousand live births. Regardless of treatment, whether conservative or surgical, clubfoot has a stubborn tendency to relapse, thus requiring post-correction bracing. The Clubfoot Research Group at the UNC/NCSU Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering investigates clubfoot bracing and gait from a bioengineering perspective.

Recent Publications and Media:

  1. Development of a Surrogate Biomodel for the Investigation of Clubfoot Bracing
    Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics:
    October/November 2012 - Volume 32 - Issue 7 - p e47–e52

  2. Biomodel could help researchers optimize clubfoot brace design
    Lower Extremity Review, October 2012

  3. Bracing in the Treatment of Children with Clubfoot: Past, Present, and Future
    Iowa Orthop J. 2010; 30: 15–23

Clubfoot Links and Resources:

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